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Display AD RATES

Edition Circulation Display Ad
Mumbai2 L( Copies)Rs. 2277 / sqcm


Frequently Asked Questions

Based on your requirement, you need to book Display adverts in Midday. These ads are priced based on their size in per sq. cm unit and can be printed on any page of the newspaper. Every publication offers packages for multiple ads and the rates for your ad can be reviewed on the Midday Display Ad Rates page wherein you can choose the main paper or the supplements of the paper as per your requirement. Then you can select the preferred editions or a suitable package as per availability and then proceed to specify the ad size and page preference, if any. This will provide you with the exact cost of your advertisement, following its review you can proceed to compose your ad with the help of design layouts or you can upload your own ad design. Once you are done composing your ad, you must confirm the release dates and proceed to clearing the payment for your advertisement with the help of our online or offline payment mediums. Also ensure that you can call us in case of any issues and you must complete the booking of your ad 2-3 days in advance to avoid any delays or hassles at the last minute. 
Please know that Mid Day is circulated in the Western parts of the country which consists of Mumbai and Pune. Display ads are expensive and are charged based on the size of the ad and its position in the newspaper. In order to know the rates for your Display Pullout- please visit the Display Ad Rates page of Mid Day Newspaper. Click on the Main edition as per your mentioned preference. This will display the locations where the newspaper is circulated. Select your choice of location from here and continue to the next page where you can view the estimated cost based on your ad size and its position in the preferred newspaper page. You can customise and enter your ad sizes and specify the favoured page in the newspaper for the same to view the estimated cost. However, know that the final price might differ based on your designed/uploaded Ad in the next step. The ad can be composed online or even uploaded directly in case if it has been already composed and designed. Once you’re done composing or uploading your ad, confirm the ad release dates and the suitable payment option by which you want to clear your payment. You can take the help of the Online Booking Tutorial for guidance on the details of the booking process.
Please know that half page ads are display ads which are charged based on the size of the ad and is measured in terms of per sq.cm. Should you like to continue to booking your advertisement in Midday across Mumbai and Pune, please visit the follwing page: http://midday.releasemyad.com/display-ad.php and select the main newspaper or supplementary as per your preference. Choose the editions as Pune and Mumbai and proceed to the page to specify the size of the advertisement. You may also choose the "half page ad" option & mention the page preferred to get the exact cost of your advertisement. You can create, upload or hire a creative expert to get your ad published on the newspaper of your choice. Please ensure that the ad is released before 2-3 days of the intended release date.
We are an online ad booking agency and we book ads online through our website which gets published in the newspapers. As per your requirement you need to place a display advertisement and the charges are calculated based on the length and width of the advertisement, in per sq. cm unit. To proceed to the booking of the Display Education Advertisement in Midday, please visit the following page: http://midday.releasemyad.com/display-ad.php. On this page select the main newspaper, choose the edition as Pune and specify the ad size as 8cm X 6 cm as well as the page preference to get the precise cost of the advertisement. You can create your own advertisement, upload a new one as well as take creative help. Regarding the publishing date , the system will allow you to select the earliest possible date from the calender on the Make Payment page. Also make your payments through the same page through our online or offline payment options.

Booking Process

How are Mid Day Display ads priced?

Display advertisement is typically the most creative one, and thus, it draws maximum attention. Mid Day is the best medium to place display ads, primarily because it has a huge readership figure. This would generate a higher response rate for the advertisement, which is likely to be noticed by many. Several factors are considered while pricing a display ad in Mid Day:

  1. Fundamental pricing is done on the basis of per sq. cm. of area covered.
  2. Display ad rates vary due to several other attributes. For instance, the front page ad costs more than the one published in the middle page.
  3. More area the ad occupies, more expensive it is likely to be. You can opt for the given sizes in Mid Day – full page, half page and so on, else you can settle for a custom ad size. Innovative options like jacket, skybus, etc. too can be availed.
  4. The fact whether the display ad is coloured or black & white, will also influence the price.

releaseMyAd provides you with the negotiation option on the final price, to get you the cheapest rate possible.